3 Secrets To Building A Profitable Online Business Satta Matka

If I had to take a guess, I would say that many of you got into the online business industry because you were drawn by the idea of working from home in your pajamas. But, although you’ve seen many others succeed in building their business online, you still seem to be struggling with yours. So what are the secrets that they’re not telling you?

Today I’ll share with you the 3 “secrets” of building a profitable online business and how you can start generating passive income online at a much faster rate regardless of where you are currently at. Below are the 3 “THE’s” that you are required to master before you start seeing any real progress in your online business. Yep, just 3 so study them well!


  1. THE Right Mindset
  2. THE Right Platform
  3. THE Right Audience


1. The Right Mindset

Whether you’ll admit it or not, when 99% us got started with our online business, we we will be too obsessed with making money. Often times we will try to push whatever business opportunity we’re in to our readers, friends, family members, maybe even our pet kittens if they had the intelligence and capability to fork out some money. That’s just… not right.

Now, the reason for that was because I was in a place of need. In short, call it the “lottery ticket mentality”, where I’ve just joined this new online business opportunity and thought that if I could just convince others to join and pay me money then I’d be rich! But it doesn’t work that way obviously, so if you’re still doing these sort of things, STOP.

Someone wise once told me to remove NEED completely from my vocabulary and replace it with DESERVE. So instead of saying to myself “I need to make money”, I would say “I deserve to make money”. That one word changed everything for me, now I’m constantly looking to do things that would make me DESERVE the money instead of doing things because I NEED the money.

2. The Right Platform

A platform is required for you to showcase your work, be it a blog for your articles, a YouTube channel for your videos or an art Matka gallery for your paintings. There is also one other thing that most people fail to realize, and that is the value of your work.

This relates back to having “The Right Mindset”. The quality of your work is dependent on the message you want to deliver through your work. If your work convey the ideas of “Give me money! Buy my stuff!” then I assure you that its not going to end well. Again, the keyword is DESERVE. Be informative, be helpful, be personable and attractive. The money will soon come, believe in yourself because I believe in you.

3. The Right Audience

This is one of the most important step to think about before you even start producing your content. Who are the people that you’re trying to reach? What is your message to them? How can the things you do affect their lives? Are you trying to reach out to struggling entrepreneurs who are looking to build their business? Maybe the already successful ones who are looking to expand theirs?

These are the questions you have got to ask yourself because truthfully, only you know the answer to these questions. Add value to the world by sharing your experience and what you did to get through them, share your stories. Whatever niche you’ve chosen for your business, there will always be an audience who are eager to learn from your past experience and mistakes.